Staking 101


You must transfer ADA to a wallet that you control. No exchanges/custodial wallets. Wallet examples :

Daedalus (Wallet + Node on Windows, Mac, Linux) official download page

Yoroi (light wallet on Chrome, Android, iOS) official download page web wallet

Is it secure?

Staking in Cardano means ADA never leaves your wallet. You always have control over your funds. When you delegate to a pool, you only give the Pool voting rights and the rights to earn more ADA on your behalf.

Choose a pool

There will be a section to delegate to a pool inside all of these wallets. Use the search bar and type the name of a pool ticker (eg HIMAL). Enter your ADA amount and confirm your selection.


Rewards are distributed to you every 5 days (known as an epoch) automatically by the protocol, after deducting pool fees. There is no way a pool can withhold or steal away your rewards. This is built right into Cardano and one of the reasons that makes it superior.

You are also free to use and send ADA from your wallet just like if you were not staking. So stake and chi!!

Useful Links

  • Official explainer to learn more about the Staking mechanism

  • Useful staking videos for wallets and Ledger devices :