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Himalayada Cardano Stake Pool

Stake your ADA in your favorite wallet by searching for our ticker : HIMAL.

Take part in the Proof of Stake consensus mechanism that powers Cardano while earning newly minted ADA.

We are excited to announce that we've been chosen by IOHK/IOG to be part of the first cohort of pools supported and delegated by them to further push Cardano's mission.

HimalayADA consistently mints blocks every epoch going forward. Previously we were making blocks every other epoch being a small pool, but we've stuck through. We have been participating in securing the Cardano network since the Incentivized testnet and we are here for the long run. Founded by a long time supporter who's been part of the Cardano family since 2017.

Check out our Staking 101 guide to learn more about how staking works on Cardano:

Ticker : HIMAL

Fees : 1.9%

Live Pool Statistics and details on community sites :

Why Himalayada?

Its plain and simple, a more spread out and decentralized Cardano network benefits us all.


We have a global cluster of cloud nodes and physical nodes. Currently, our publicly disclosed nodes are in the Indian Subcontinent and Europe. We ensure 99.9% uptime, fast block propagation, and low fees of 1.9%.


Our long term goal is to drive decentralization by setting up a live physical node, up in the Himalayas! This is on track to be launched after we finalize a suitable local ISP that can meet our performance needs. Location and details coming soon!

Supporting the Ecosystem

We strive to help grow the Cardano ecosystem of users, DAPP's, and developers. We are also continuously exploring ways in which we can drive more impact in 2021 once Goguen goes live.