Incentivized Testnet Archive

We have been actively participating in securing the Cardano network since the beginning of the Incentivized Testnet. Our delegators have earned rewards consistently without any downtime during the testnet period, and we have learned a great deal in running an active stake pool.


  • Mar 12th 2020 : We've reached ~12 million total stake. Thank you all stakers! .....And we have 4 blocks scheduled!

  • Mar 7th 2020 : We need to get to >3 million stake to guarantee 1 block per epoch.

  • Mar 5th 2020 : We are at rank 11 in Daedalus. Rank 12 in adapools by Avg ROI.

  • Mar 5th 2020 : Total stake crosses 2 million ADA. We produced 2/2 blocks in epoch 82. Thank you everyone!

  • Mar 4th 2020 : Our lifetime annualized ROI in reaches a high of 21.69%.

  • Mar 4th 2020: A big thank you to our first big delegator for trusting us with your stake. The new stake becomes effective in epoch 82. Thank you for your patience.

  • Mar 3rd 2020: 8 blocks produced so far.

  • Jan 4th 2020: First block scheduled and completed successfully (1/1)

  • Dec 14th 2019 : Pool launched.